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Our Retreats

In-person and online retreats offer an opportunity to step away from daily routines, to rest, and listen to your heart. Whether you are grappling with a dilemma or just need a break, our retreats will give you the space to settle  and recharge your spirit. 

Coming this Summer

Get Clear: Rest your mind and find clarity.

Move Ahead: Reflect on opportunities, set next steps.

Listen: Listen better.

Walk: Experience place.

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Rest. Reflect. Recharge.


 Find fresh perspectives. See your strengths. Step into challenges.


Set your agenda. Hear every voice. 

Move forward.


Education. Training. Experience.


Coaching is beneficial for anyone seeking clarity about their current life path. In conversation together we will explore what you are wanting and how your own strengths and values can contribute to accomplishing that goal. I'll help you find fresh perspectives that will allow you to uncover new or unexpected choices, define productive actions, and set realistic commitments you want to take to move ahead. You set the agenda; I'll hold you to it.

Coaching sessions can occur in person, by phone, or via Zoom and generally take between 30 and 60 minutes. 

My Fees: I know coaching is a valuable service that can help anyone wanting and willing to step into the challenges life presents. 

I intentionally keep my fees low, so that coaching is accessible to many people.  

30 minutes: $35 

60 minutes: $60

5 hour package: $275


Not sure if coaching is for you? Need more information? Contact me for a complimentary 30 minute session.



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Facilitation is helpful to groups and organizations who want to step out of their current or habitual patterns of communication to  resolve dilemmas, hear and include all voices, generate fresh ideas or review and refine strategic plans.

I'll help your group define positive agreements for working together and lead the group through structured conversations that result in positive discussion of problems, plans and performance. As your facilitator, I'll balance listening and discussion so that quiet voices are heard and dominant ones are tempered. We'll accomplish more in an hour than an afternoon of unregulated discussion.  And you'll come away with fresh insights about your work together and alternate ways to communicate, collaborate, hear and be heard.

My fees: Fees for facilitation are dependent on the size of your group and the length of your engagement with me. I offer a sliding scale for non-profits and small groups (less than 6).

$100 per hour

$250 per 3 hour session 

Inquire about 1-3 day packages

Interested in facilitation, but not sure if it is for your group? 

Invite me to a group meeting and we can discuss how facilitation can benefit you.


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My Qualifications

I am an educator with 35 years of experience, teaching children, young people and adults. I have an active practice coaching a range of individuals from students to executives. I also facilitate group meetings focusing on everything from future plans to urgent dilemmas. I've helped individuals find purpose and direction in their current position or make a transition to a new role. I've stepped in to help groups deal with difficult issues and helped restore balance and direction when things have gone off-track. I design and facilitate retreats that offer individuals and groups time and space to step out of daily life, rest and discover new perspectives.

I have received coach and facilitation training from the following organizations and institutions.

Adler, Toronto: I am an ATC (Adler Trained Coach) and have completed the Adler Professional Coach Certification Program.

NSRF/Harmony: I am a certified International Facilitator

Anima Leadership Inclusive Leadership Certificate

NAIS: Completed Diversity Leadership Institute

MiraVia: Completed the MiraVia Institute on Coaching and Mentoring.

The Center for Courage and Renewal: I am currently participating in the Canadian Facilitator Preparation Program.

I am also trained in Restora​tive Practice 

I hold a BA from the University of Guelph

And a B.Ed, a M.Ed and an Ed.D. from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.


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Walk Your Path 


The Inside Outside Retreat Centre

So often we know we want, we even know what we have to do, and yet...

Coaching and facilitation can be the catalyst to helping individuals, groups and organizations find insight into what holds them back,  as well as the courage, commitment and confidence to move forward. 

Retreats offer protected time to nourish your spirit and reflect on your life's path. 

We'll hold the space for you or your group to see things clearly, build on your strengths, align your work and your values, and walk your path with grace and determination.

Coaching, facilitation and retreats are currently available online.